IN PICTURES: Southern Italy’s landscapes transformed by snow

Photos of southern Italy as you may never have seen it before.

IN PICTURES: Southern Italy's landscapes transformed by snow
Matera in the snow. Photo: Jessica Phelan/The Local Italy

The south of Italy is famous for sun, sea and sand. But not so much for snow.

So it was a surprise to see it covered in a white blanket this weekend, and we think you'll agree that southern Italy's sights are even more enchanting in the snow.

From Mount Vesuvius to the cave city of Matera and the beaches of southern Puglia, here are some of the wintry sights in the south this weekend.

Here's Monte Sant'Angelo, Puglia, transformed into a beautiful winter landscape. Photo: Jessica Phelan/The Local Italy






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Here's a close-up shot of Matera, Basilicata, showing how thick the snowfall was over the weekend. Photo by Giuseppe Bartucci.

The mountains of Basilicata look even more majestic in the snow. Photo: Rosita Stern






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Puglia's flat landscapes are normally a vivid green under a bright blue sky, but this weekend everything was completely white. Photo by Leonardo Eramo.

This photo from Susan Morton shows an unusual view of Torre Lapillo, Lecce, with its usual blue skies and clear waters, but the beach covered by snow.






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Here's Castel di Monte, Puglia, with snow on the ground. Photo: Jessica Phelan/The Local Italy

And we couldn't resist one more magical photo of Matera in the snow, at sunset. Photo: Barbara Lee.

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