Winds battering central Italy kill four

Winds battering central Italy kill four
A screenshot from a video distributed on Saturday by the Italian Coast Guards shows Turkish-flagged cargo ship after it ran ashore on a beach in Bari due to bad weather conditions. Photo: GUARDIA COST
Strong winds whipping through central Italy killed four people on Saturday, including a teenager who died when his father fell off the roof and crushed him, media reports said.
The 14-year old in Capena near Rome was holding the ladder for his father as he attempted to fix damage to the family roof, when the latter was knocked off by a gust of wind, falling six metres and landing on his son, the Fatto Quotidiano daily said.
Two men in their 70s were killed by a farm wall that collapsed on top of them near Frosinone, while a 45-year old man died when a pine tree in Guidonia near the Italian capital crushed his car, it said.
A Turkish cargo vessel which had sought shelter near the coast was driven aground by gale force winds in the southern port of Bari, the Italian coast guard said.