These are the most expensive places to rent a room in Italy

These are the most expensive places to rent a room in Italy
Rental prices in Milan are famously high - and getting higher. Photo: DepositPhotos
As new statistics show renting in Italy is getting more expensive, we look at how prices differ across the country.

Demand for rented rooms in shared apartments in Italian cities is going up, and so are the prices, according to the latest figures from property listings website Idealista, compiled for Adnkronos.

Milan remains the most expensive place to rent an apartment in Italy – and one of the top ten most expensive places to rent in the world.

Prices went up almost everywhere in Italy in 2019, the study found, and the average price increase was three percent.

You might dream of renting in central Florence, but can you afford it? Photo: Depositphotos

The most dramatic price increase was seen in Padova, where the average rental price shot up by 18.6 percent year on year.

Among the cities with the biggest average price increases, the survey also highlights Bologna (+8.7%) and Trieste (+13.3%)

The average price of a rented room in a shared apartment in an Italian city is now 328 euros per month, up from 318 euros this time last year, according to the study.

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The most expensive flatshares are unsurprisingly found in university cities as well as cities with a high number of “off-site workers”, the survey said.

Broadly, prices in northern and central areas were found to be higher and rising faster than those in southern cities.

However, prices didn't go up everywhere.

Prices dropped in Reggio Calabria (-7.9%),  L'Aquila (-6.4%), Genoa (-3.7%), Viterbo (2.5%) and Pisa (-2.2%), the study showed.

And the survey noted that the average age of those renting rooms in Italian cities is now 29, underlining the fact that flatsharing is no longer just for students.

The top five most expensive Italian cities

(By average monthly cost of renting a single room.)

  1. Milan: 465 euros

  2. Rome: 408 euros

  3. Florence: 393 euros

  4. Padua: 307 euros

  5. Bologna: 371 euros

The five cheapest Italian cities

  1. Reggio Calabria: 186 euros

  2. Enna: 189 euros

  3. L'Aquila: 191 euros

  4. Catania: 211

  5. Palermo: 233


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