Italian word of the day: ‘Guarito’

Italian word of the day: 'Guarito'
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Let's hope we start seeing more of this word.

Today's word is one that – hopefully – you'll be needing more and more: guarito, 'recovered'.

It's the past participle of the verb guarire ('to recover, heal or get better'), which comes from an old Germanic word meaning 'to thwart' or 'to ward off'.

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You can use guarito like an adjective to mean 'better' or 'back to health'.

Non sono ancora completamente guarito.
I'm not completely better yet.

With Italy in the grip of the coronavirus outbreak, the place you'll see guarito come up most is in the statistics about who currently has the virus: le persone guarite or simply i guariti (notice the plural endings) are people who tested positive, but have since recovered.

Sono 1,835 i pazienti malati di coronavirus in Italia, 149 i guariti, 52 i decessi.
There are 1,835 patients with coronavirus in Italy, 149 recoveries and 52 deaths.

Don't be fooled by the false friend ricoverato: while it looks like it should mean 'recovered', in fact it's the Italian for 'hospitalized'.

È stata ricoverata d'urgenza.
She was rushed to hospital.

Sono 742 le persone ricoverate con sintomi.
742 people are in hospital with symptoms.

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