IN PHOTOS: Milan deserted as Italy’s first curfew begins

IN PHOTOS: Milan deserted as Italy's first curfew begins
The entire region of Lombardy has imposed a nightly curfew from 11pm to 5am. Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP
Italy's second biggest city was the first to go under curfew late on Thursday, as the entire region of Lombardy began a nightly shutdown.

The region has declared a curfew from 11pm to 5am, until at least November 13th.

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People finish their drinks before 11pm closing time. Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP

The order came into effect on Thursday night and police were on the streets of Lombardy's biggest city, Milan, to ensure that people went home.

The Navigli, the city's famous canals lined with bars and restaurants and usually a hotspot for nightlife, lay eerily empty after home time.

Bars packed up hours earlier than usual. Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP

People must now have an essential, urgent reason to leave home during curfew hours, and must fill in a self-certification form to justify the outing to police.

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Two other regions, Lazio and Campania, have since declared their own curfews that come into place from Friday night.

That means that all three of Italy's biggest cities – Milan, Rome and Naples – will shut down at night from this weekend.

Milan's Navigli are usually lined with people at night. Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP

Other parts of Italy are understood to be considering similar measures, though the government has so far resisted imposing a nationwide curfew.

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