How to book a ‘Day Two’ Covid-19 test if you’re travelling from Italy to the UK

Travellers arrive at London Heathrow's Terminal 5.
Those travelling to the UK will need to navigate the country's  'day two' coronavirus testing system. Photo: Tolga Akmen / AFP
The UK government has eased its travel rules for those who are fully vaccinated, but unfortunately the baffling and expensive ‘Day 2’ testing system remains in place.

The UK changed its much-criticised Covid border rules on Monday October 4th.

Since then, fully vaccinated arrivals from Italy no longer need to quarantine, provided they meet the UK government’s definition of vaccinated (more on that below). 

And from October 4th vaccinated travellers no longer need a pre-departure Covid test either.

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They will, however, continue to face the infuriating and expensive world of ‘Day 2 testing’.

The UK government says that in future, cheaper antigen tests rather than PCR tests can be used for the Day 2 test, but there is no start date for that policy as yet.

While broadly similar, Covid-19 travel, quarantine and testing rules are slightly different if you’re heading to Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland

What it means

All passengers, including children, have to take a test on or before ‘Day Two’ after their arrival in England.

But – crucially – this Day Two test must be booked before you leave Italy.

The passenger locator form, required for all arrivals into England, cannot be completed without a reference number from a test, booked through one of the UK government’s approved list of suppliers.

Anyone who fails to take this Day Two test could face a fine of up to £2,000.

For fully vaccinated travellers, the Day Two test marks the end of their Covid travel requirements, assuming it comes back negative.

Unvaccinated travellers from Italy, however, must quarantine for 10 full days and take another test on or before Day Eight of their stay.

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When is ‘Day Two’?

It is important to note that for test and quarantine purposes, the day of arrival is counted as Day Zero. The following day is Day One, the day after that Day Two, and so on.

Proof of purchase of the second test must be included on the passenger locator form, which everyone over age 18 must complete and submit within the 48 hours before they travel. 

How to book a test

Covid tests in the UK can be carried out at home, or by going to a clinic. Prices vary based on how many tests you require and how quickly you need the results – and many clinics offer a range of packages.

According to the government website, you’ll have a wait of 24 to 36 hours to get your test result.

However social media and UK news reports are awash with stories of people waiting considerably longer than that, never receiving their results or never receiving the tests in the first place.

The cost of individual PCR tests varies between £50 and £250 – though many providers offer a range of packages at different prices based on the number of tests required, where you are coming from and how quickly the results are needed, according to the Covid Testing Network website.

You’ll find the companies offer packages depending on the status of the country you are travelling from, in other words green or amber. 

Even though the tests are the same. Some companies confusingly list products only for “UK vaccinated”.

Some we found appear to have minimum spends so even if you find a cheap test you can’t buy it, while others seem cheap at first – but once you get through the final ordering stage extra charges bump up the total.

You also have to book individually for each passenger who requires a test – so if you’re travelling as a family of four you will have to go through the booking process four times.

All of this can come as a shock to those who live abroad and have become used to the testing process (and prices) in Italy, for example.

Prices vary depending on the region of Italy, but antigen tests usually cost around €20-30 while a molecular (PCR) test is around €50-60.

Photo: Miguel MEDINA/AFP

They can be accessed by simply popping into the local pharmacy or booking online with a medical lab. Find more information about getting tested in Italy here.

Italy’s current travel rules say arrivals from the UK must show proof of full vaccination or recovery plus a negative test result from within the previous 48 hours. If you do so, the requirements stop there.

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Those who don’t show both documents are subject to a five-day quarantine with the requirement to take a test at the end of this period.

However, tests are easily accessed and booked (the local health authority will often arrange the post-isolation test for you, though it’s at your expense) and there are no reports of the sort of widespread delays and other problems seen in the UK.

How to find a UK test provider

The Westminster government lists test providers in England and Northern Ireland here.

But it is long and bewildering, and many firms listed are new and relatively unknown reflecting the rapidly shifting Covid-19 market. 

The government is quick to insist it does not endorse one test provider over another – but it does say that it ‘closely monitors’ performance. All private providers of Covid tests are required to meet certain standards. If they fall short they can be removed from official lists.

Travel firms and airlines, eager for your business, are increasingly offering discounted tests to customers who use their services, and may include links to certain suppliers on their website. They are worth a look as this may help you find a cheaper test.

It may also be worth checking the Covid Testing Network’s price comparison site, which shows provider prices for at-home and in-clinic tests within a radius of your location in England. Helpfully, it also includes a customer satisfaction score, as well as price, allowing users to make a reasonably informed decision.

What about short stays?

Even if you’re staying in the UK for less than two days, you still need the Day Two test. This is because the passenger locator form cannot be completed without the booking reference, and you cannot enter England without the form.

So you must pay for a test even if you will no longer be in England when the time comes to use it.

Many travellers also report having to take another test before flying back to Italy from the UK, even if their Day Two test fell within the 48-hour window before their return trip, because UK authorities class Day Two and ‘Fit to Fly’ tests differently.

Fully vaccinated

Also be aware that the UK government’s definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ is not the same as the Italian government’s.

You need to have been vaccinated with a UK approved vaccine – Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson – and be at least 14 days from your final dose.

After much confusion, the UK has finally agreed to recognise as vaccinated people who had a ‘mixed dose’ abroad: eg. one shot of AstraZeneca and one Pfizer.

But while in Italy, people who previously had Covid are counted as fully vaccinated after a single dose of the vaccine, this is not the case in the UK.

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  1. This has changed – you dont require a test now as long as you are fully vaccinated from the UK GOV website below

    Who needs to take a test
    You must take a COVID-19 test before you travel to England if you either:

    do not qualify as fully vaccinated for travel to England
    have been in a country or territory on the red list in the 10 days before you will arrive in England
    You do not have to take a COVID-19 test before you travel to England if you qualify as fully vaccinated and you have not been in a red list country.

    Check the Travel to England guidance to find out if you qualify as fully vaccinated

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