Italy’s €53 million spa bonus claimed within first three hours

Italy's spa bonus funds were claimed in just a few hours.
Italy's spa bonus funds were claimed in just a few hours. Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash
Funds for Italy's spa vouchers worth €200 per person ran out within a few hours of the opening of bookings. But there's still a chance to claim for those who missed out.

After a false start when Italy’s spa voucher website crashed due to demand and confusion, the total funds worth €53 million were used up within just three hours of online applications resuming.

Bookings re-opened on Tuesday November 9th for Italy’s much-anticipated bonus terme, or spa bonus, which promises up to €200 euros off the cost of spa treatments for every adult resident in the country.

Around 300,000 citizens tried to apply on the platform’s operator Invitalia when applications opened the day before. But the site was in fact intended for spa operators to claim the bonus on behalf of their customers.

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Described, in the end, as “a very successful operation” by Italy’s spa federation Federterme in a press release, the government-funded spa bonus “has relaunched a sector that has a great tradition in Italy but had been stagnating for some time”.

But for those who missed out on this occasion, there’s still a chance to benefit from this wellbeing bonus.

Many are calling for the measure to be refinanced, and some parliamentarians have already done so, according to Italian media reports.

After the government originally allocated a total of €53 million to this scheme, there has been no confirmation of how much – if anything – will be earmarked for the spa bonus again in the future.

However, the president of Federterme, Massimo Caputi, thanked the authorities for their “far-sightedness in launching the measure” and asked for the incentive to “be immediately refinanced”.

“The search for cures, prevention, rehabilitation and wellness is nowadays a fundamental element of new lifestyles, especially following the dramatic pandemic, and Italian spas can be a key element of ‘health and wellness tourism’,” the organisation added.

Even if authorities decide not to pump more money into the spa bonus again, there is another chance to get your hands on the perk.

Each voucher claimed is valid for 60 days and some individual spas have set an even shorter timeframe in which you can claim.

If the voucher is not used within this period, it becomes available to other users. In about two months, therefore, some of these resources could become available again.

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Anyone hoping to claim the spa bonus – should any vouchers become available – will need to book directly with one of the spa facilities listed on the Invitalia website. The spa will then apply for the discount via the website on behalf of the customer.

The incentive, launched by the government in order to boost Italy’s leisure sector amid the Covid-hit economic downturn, covers up to 100 percent of any spa service up to a maximum of €200 per person.

Everyone who is legally resident in Italy and over the age of 18 is entitled to claim the bonus, regardless of income.

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