Disability blue badge for UK visitors

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Date added: 29 July 2021

Does anyone know whether or not Italy, or some regions in Italy, recognise the UK blue badge carried by UK disabled travellers in their car. This gives them access to disabled parking, etc. Post-Brexit, some EU countries have agreed to continue to recognise the UK blue badge, but others have not specified (including Italy).

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  1. Hi I have just renewed my parents uk badge….it now has large UK stamped on it, a booklet with govt web site is included to look up where in EU there are agreements to use it…when I checked Italy had a NO next to it sadly…..however, I find that Italy is very respectful of elderly/disabled people so where I live when they visit, I display the badge and it’s evident from her wheelchair etc that she’s disabled….I don’t see Italians displaying their badges at all generally….so I’d suggest it would probably be ok….however it may not be so clear in case of a hidden disability thats not apparent .

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