Italian Bank that offers non-resident accounts

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Location: Abruzzo
Date added: 06 November 2021

Good morning – Can anyone tell us what Italian banks offer non-resident accounts or any account at all to a new family in Italy? So far, we have struck out at two banks. Any advice would be welcome! Thank you

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  1. Intesa SanPaolo offers non-resident accounts. They even went to the trouble of supporting me despite my US citizenship that requires them to do a lot of extra paperwork. I’ve also heard Unicredit is a good option.

  2. Thank you, Alex_462784. We will look into both banks. We went to Giulianova (TE), but could not find one parking space within several kilometres, after driving around many times. We will try again!

  3. A good place to start would be at your local post office. They offer basic banking services that allows automatic deposits, use of checks and bank card, and even a credit card if needed. To open an account you’ll need to visit a post office in person at least once to prove your identity. A passport or any official document like that should work. However, you might encounter an obstinate clerk who insists on an Italian ID even though that’s not required. If that happens just go to a different post office.

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