Italian resident travelling on UK passport.

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Location: Liguria
Date added: 17 May 2021

I have booked a flight from Glasgow (UK) to Genoa (Italy) via Amsterdam. I wish to remain in Italy long term but have stupidly left the “Certificate of Residency following the Withdrawal Agreement” in my Italian home after leaving at the end of last year. I will be travelling on my UK passport but will have a valid Italian ID card, Italian health insurance card and Italian driving licence. Will these be enough to avoid a 90 day maximum stay stamp on my passport in Amsterdam (or Genoa)?

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  1. Hi John, I think that you will probably be stamped if you don’t have your WA document, but you should be able to go to the questura when you return, and they’ll be able to ‘cancel’ the stamp for you.

  2. Hi John
    You couldn’t by any chance download it again from your local Questura or get someone to send a pdf or photo of it?

  3. Hi John

    If you have residency in Italy then you don’t need the certificate of residency. You just show your ID card and they wave you through as though you were an Italian. At least that’s what happens at Bergamo and Pisa, the only two airports I’ve used here.

  4. John, you’re probably already aware of this but as soon as you get back, apply for your new biometric Carta di Soggiorno for Brits who are resident in Italy. They take quite a long time to be processed, depending on where you live. Good luck with your journey!

  5. If you are legally resident in Italy a stamp has no relevance, as confirmed by the British Embassy, the Italian Government and the EU. So don’t worry too much if you get a stamp, it won’t affect your rights in Italy.

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