Italian resident with UK passport

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Date added: 21 June 2021

Hi there.

Can anyone clear up some confusion. I am a resident in Milan and need to return to the UK for a fortnight. My concern is getting back into Italy after my trip.

I don’t have the Carta di Soggiorno or Carta d’identita yet and was told I didn’t need a Permesso di Soggiorno since I have my residency. I have applied for the Attestazione di Soggiorno but not sure whether that will help.

At the Anagrafe I was told proof of residency would be enough to reenter the country by one employer, another told me I needed the Attestazione di Soggiorno and another Permesso di Soggiorno.

Has anybody had problems re-entering italy from the UK and what documents will ensure I can get back in as I don’t want to take any chances.

Many thanks

Mark K

Member comments

  1. The Attestazione di Soggiorno is sufficient to demonstrate your rights, I used mine to re-enter Italy (Torino) a month ago with no problems, with my UK passport.
    All official documentation relating to the Carta di Soggiorno confirms that it is optional, however this may not be known at all levels of administration. It is also more easily recognised by other EU nations, if you take a connecting flight for instance, due to it’s standard format with other immigration cards. In other words a nice-to-have, but not mandatory.
    UK nationals resident in Italy before the 31/12/2020 do not require, nor can they obtain, a Permesso di Soggiorno.

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