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Date added: 06 August 2021

Hi there,

I have an appointment at the Questura next month for the biometric card. I have been to the post office for the bolletino and there was some confusion about which is the correct one. I read beforehand that we should get a completely blank one which we can then make it out to: mef dip. to del tesoro vers: dovuto rilascio CARTA DI SOGGIORNO…but at the post office they seem to think that I should fill in another one that already has the following information completed: mef dip. to del tesoro vers. dovuto rilascio PERMESSO SOGG. no with the cauale being: importo per il rilascio del permesso di soggiorno elettronico.

Please can someone kindly confirm which ‘bolletino’ is the correct one before I go back and pay the 30 odd euros? Thank you!

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  1. Hello, did you get your question answered? I did just finish this process and it was complicated.
    Jennifer Aries

  2. Hello, If its the red one then sounds like the post office were right. Just don’t want to end up at the Questura with the wrong bollettino! On it states ‘’you do not need to use a pre-completed bollettino from the third-country national postal kit from the Italian post office.’’ It’s this sentence that’s confusing me because it seems the red one is the pre-completed one..

    Anyway thanks for your replies.

    1. The correct information is given in the Vademecum document available in Italian and English on

      “Ricevuta di pagamento di €30,46 pari al costo di produzione del documento, effettuato con bollettino postale sul CC n. 67422402 (intestato a “MEF DIP.TO DEL TESORO VERS: DOVUTO RILASCIO CARTA DI SOGGIORNO” – causale: “Importo per il rilascio della carta di soggiorno – Accordo di recesso UE/ UK”)”

      It’s not a Permesso, it’s a Carta as you rightly stated.

  3. Please can you comment on the timescale for biometric residency card.we applied on 14th april,we were given a receipt and have heard nothing since.the questra is in brecia,we have e mailed numerous times but no response.
    We have also been waiting since december for our italian driving licences,again at brescia.again e mails go unanswered and it is impossible to contact on the telephone.we applied through aci and they will only say that there are long delays.we would be grateful for any advice,thankyou

    1. Hi,
      The timescale seems to differ from region to region. I applied for my Biometric card with the Naples Questura and I have been contacted to collect it next week; the turnaround will be 5 weeks, far less than I was told and expected. I presume that you have entered the receipt number that you were given to see if it is ready to be collected?
      Also, my driving licence took 5 months to process – I exchanged it in November 2020 and received the Italian one in April of this month.
      If you are not getting any joy with emails/phone calls, can you visit?
      Hope it will be resolved asap.

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