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Date added: 13 September 2021

Has anyone shipped a car from California to Italy? (I’m particularly interested in Palermo)

Wondering about approximate cost and timing, as well as any tariffs imposed by The US or by Italy

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  1. I am also interested in this, but shipping from New York. And what are the rules regarding importing my older American car (more than 50 years old). Thanks in advance.

  2. A Google search found a few companies offering this service, like this one:

    I expect they’d be able to give you some accurate info.

    Assuming you’re keeping it permanently in Italy, re-registration of your car very much depends on its value and emissions. My husband’s large 3.5 litre luxury vehicle was 3 times as much as my 1.3 litre “ordinary” car. I think his was about 1000 euros.

  3. We imported our car from Canada to Sicily and had to pay fairly hefty import duties.
    The process of registering our car was complicated, long, and costly.
    One of the biggest challenges was recovering the homolocation code that wasn’t displayed on our vehicle as it was from Canada not the EU . It took 10 weeks and €250 to be sent so we could then take it to a government test center to be given the ok before being allowed to insure it.
    You can not do any of this until you are a Italian resident and have an Italian drivers licence!!

    My recommendation would be to sell your overseas vehicle before coming to Italy and save yourself a lot of time and money.

    1. Thanks. I thought it would be fun to have an old American muscle car over there for road trips and such, but it’s looking like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I’ve seen stories of the same hassles for Portugal, which is on my list of possible retirement countries as well.

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