Rotten fish and meat found in restaurant blitz

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Loaves of Panettone, which had gone off by more than four years, were among the products seized. Photo: Ben Hanbury/Flickr
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Italian police found rotten fish, meat and ice-cream during a nationwide-raid on restaurants, bars and ice-cream shops.

Police ordered the immediate closure or seizure of 27 food premises as part of a blitz on 3,400 establishments across the country, La Repubblica reported.

Among their findings was fish, meat and ice-cream which had long passed their use-by date.

In Parma, Emilia-Romagna, a fridge full of fish which had expired between 2008 and 2010, was found.

The authorities also found fake labels and a substance used to bring out the best colours in a product long after it has passed its best.

Meanwhile, mouldy food and rancid meat prompted the immediate closure of a pizzeria in Salerno, in the Campania region.

Fifteen tonnes of expired ice-cream were seized at an ice-cream shop in Milan while another 3.5 tonnes, which had passed their use-by date by two years, were taken from a shop in Alessandria, also in northern Italy.

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Loaves of the traditional Christmas cake, Panettone, which dated back to December 2008, were also seized.

In July, police also uncovered rotting fish and a stash of weapons beneath a pizzeria in Sicily.

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