Italian invites bored Russians to trash his car

Italian invites bored Russians to trash his car
The bored Russians smashed up a Fiat Punto. Photo: Veeresh Malik/Flickr
The owner of a restaurant in Salerno came up with a novel way of alleviating boredom among a group of Russian diners - and ensuring a huge tip - by allowing them to smash up his car with a sledgehammer.

The group of 20 Russian tourists were eating at the restaurant in Marina di Camerota when they complained to owner Nicola Mastrolonardo about the lack of nightlife in the seaside town, the Salerno edition of Corriere reported. 

Mastrolonardo, already well-known in the town for swallowing a parking ticket in protest against a fine, then asked the Russians if there was any truth behind the custom of them breaking glasses at the end of a meal.

“They said yes…but then I decided that something had to be done to make the evening more eventful,” Mastrolonardo told Corriere.

“So I got a sledgehammer and invited them to smash my car.”

Within minutes, the group was out on the street smashing the 14-year-old Fiat Punto to pieces amid rapturous cheers.

They then cooly paid their bill, left a tip of a “few hundred euros” and promised to return next year.

“I would have replaced the car soon anyway…and they were visibly pleased,” added Mastrolonardo. 

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