Boy jailed for posting risqué photos of girl, 14

A 19-year-old boy in the northern Italian city of Monza, Lombardy, has been sentenced to two years and eight months in jail and slapped with a €11,000 fine after posting compromising photos on Facebook sent to him by a girl of 14.

Boy jailed for posting risqué photos of girl, 14
The photos were posted on the social networking site Facebook. Photo: MoneyBlogNewz

The girl had sent the photos via the messaging service WhatsApp after the 19-year-old had requested that she send something “special” as proof of her feelings towards him, La Stampa reported.

Despite promising to keep the photos to himself, the 19-year-old, along with two alleged accomplices, shared the photos, in which the girl was seen posing in her underwear, with his classmates and friends and then posted them on the social networking site Facebook, prompting a string of nasty comments.

The boy then convinced her to send a video of herself.

The abashed girl confided in a classmate, also under investigation, who allegedly convinced her “to do something special because we are all fed up of nuns”.

The video then appeared on YouTube for a few hours.

As a result of the material being shared, the girl was humiliated and insulted, La Stampa reported.

The girl then confided in her parents, who, with the help of lawyers, reported the boy to the police.

The 19-year-old, who has not been named, now faces two years and eight months in jail and has been fined €11,000 for having coerced the girl into producing pornographic material and distributing it.

The girl, meanwhile, is to receive €100,000 in compensation.

“We have always walked with our heads held high,” the mother of the girl was quoted by La Stampa as saying. “But the reaction towards the family and my daughter have been truly ridiculous.”

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