Top ten things Americans find weird about Italians

We've already taken a look at what Italians find off about the Americans, so this week The Local turns the tables to find out what's baffling Americans in Italy.

Top ten things Americans find weird about Italians
While many Americans dream of the Italian life, the reality they find can leave them missing home comforts. Photo: Joe Campbell/Flickr

There's no denying that Italy is a popular destination for American expats, with thousands struggling through the laborious visa process in order to start their new life here, and the vast majority falling in love with their adopted home.

Whilst the beautiful landscapes, delicious pizza and sunshine might be easy enough to get used to, some aspects of the Italian way of life can be more difficult to grasp.

From the seemingly insignificant to bigger issues, we've looked at some of the main sources for confusion and sometimes homesickness among Americans living in Italy.

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