‘Miracle’ as Italian woman walks again

A 74-year-old paralyzed woman can now walk again after experiencing a "miracle" at a church in southern Italy, the pensioner has claimed.

'Miracle' as Italian woman walks again
The grandmother had for years prayed to be able to walk again. Rosary prayer photo: Shutterstock.

Michelina Comegna was struck by the miracle during morning mass at a church in modern Pompei, La Repubblica reported on Monday. She had been paralyzed for 11 years, following a series of operations and treatment related to breast cancer, the newspaper said.

The grandmother had for years prayed at the Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei to be able to walk again, but it was not until taking communion at a service last month that Comegna said her prayers were answered.

“I received the eucharist and immediately began to feel a strong burning sensation, from my feet to my legs and up my whole body. Meanwhile I smelt a strong perfume of flowers,” she was quoted in La Repubblica as saying.

“It was so strong, that I began to become scared. I forgot that I was in a church; because of the burning sensation I thought I was on fire,” Comegna said.

Vicar Giuseppe Adamo confirmed he had witnessed the incident, although remained cautious about declaring a miracle and said the church was waiting for a medical report.

But Comegna’s husband, Giovanni Passaro, remained certain that his wife has experience an act of God.

“I have seen a great miracle…it changed everything,” he was quoted in the newspaper as saying. “She got up and quickly walked towards the nave. I asked her to stop, but she went and had no sign of paralysis.”

Earlier this year a Sicilian man claimed he had been touched by God, and was able to walk again after being paralyzed due to a spinal injury. The Italian was reportedly cured after bathing in the holy waters in Lourdes, southern France.

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