Mayor wants museum to remember Mussolini

The mayor of Predappio, the birthplace of Benito Mussolini in central Italy, has called for a museum to open to remember the fascist leader and his role in Italian history.

Mayor wants museum to remember Mussolini
Benito Mussolini was born in Predappio. Benito Mussolini photo: Shutterstock

Mayor Giorgio Frassineti, from the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), said the proposed fascism museum would focus on a “fundamental piece of our history”.

“Predappio can become a place in which people can reflect, cutting the town from the hands of those who want to misuse it,” Frassineti was quoted in La Repubblica as saying, referring to neo-fascists who seek to honour Mussolini.

The mayor has pinpointed an abandoned building in Predappio for the museum, part of his re-election campaign, a project which he said would need external resources to be completed.

Nearly 70 years since Mussolini was killed trying to flee Italy, the fascist leader is still lauded by some Italians. Ahead of last year’s national elections, Forza Italia head Silvio Berlusconi said the fascist leader did “good things” during his reign.

Earlier this month politicians in Turin scrapped Mussolini’s honourary citizenship, facing opposition from some councilors who said the move was a “revision of history”.

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