Drunk driver crashes into metro in police chase

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Screengrab: Tranvieri di Milano/Facebook
10:14 CEST+02:00
Railway workers in northern Milan got the shock of their lives on Tuesday afternoon when a drunken motorist drove at full speed into a metro station in an attempt to evade police.

In a scene comparable to that of an action film, a drunken man made a daring escape from police when he drove his car into the Affori metro station in northern Milan on Tuesday.

Unfortunately for the fugitive, however, his escape did not have a Hollywood ending.

Forced to stop at the turnstiles, the man, aged 30, attempted to flee on foot before being promptly arrested by police.

The moment was captured by workers at the metro station who then published the photo on the Facebook page Tranvieri di Milano. You can also see the photo in the tweet below from Repubblica Milano.

“Perhaps he wanted to imitate scenes from famous action films, judging from what happened on Tuesday June 10th at 7:30pm,” reads the photo caption on the Facebook page.

“In the late afternoon in the streets of Affori police were following a car, a Fiat Stilo, when the Stilo entered the road that leads under the new railway station Affori Nord, perhaps thinking of crossing it through the pedestrian walkway underneath the railway station.

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“But instead of turning into the underground passage, he drove at full speed into the entrance for the yellow metro line three, stopping just in time so as not to knock over the turnstiles and the ticket booth, after which he got out of the car and headed towards the exit where police caught up with him and arrested him.”

Since the incident, metro workers have asked for more safety measures to be put in place to stop similar episodes from happening again.

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