EU roaming charges more than halved

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The reduction in roaming charges is part of the EU's Digital Agenda. Phone photo: Shutterstock
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Using your mobile phone outside of Italy just got cheaper, with charges for internet use more than halved, as the EU capped roaming charges from Tuesday.

Going from Milan to Madrid, Rome to Rotterdam or Venice to Vienna just got a little bit cheaper. From today, the price of browsing the internet on a smartphone more than halved, while costs were also cut for mobile phone calls and text messaging in other European countries.

The maximum price for using the internet will fall from €0.45 to €0.20 per megabyte, while sending a text message drops from €0.08 to €0.06.

Sending and receiving calls also just got cheaper: dialing out will cost a maximum of €0.19 per minute, compared to €0.24, while the price of incoming calls drops from €0.07 to €0.05 a minute.

The new charges are part of the EU’s plan to develop the telecoms market across the continent and have more tech-savvy citizens.

Watch a video explaining the changes:

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