Pensioner parks car upright on beach

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A car rolled off a steep bank in southern Italy after the driver failed to put the handbrake on. Car photo: Shutterstock
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A car assumed a vertical position in southern Italy after the driver failed to put the handbrake on, a classic example of "Italian driving" according to social media.

The 70-year-old driver and her husband parked on a steep bank overlooking the beach in Torchiarolo, Puglia, La Repubblica reported.

Despite finding the perfect parking spot the pensioner however forgot one vital step - putting the handbrake on.

She realized at the last moment and tried to rush back and reach for the brake, but was too late; gravity gained the upper hand and propelled the car onto the beach.

A photo of the car circulating on social media gained a light-hearted response, with one user commenting it was an example of classic “Italian driving”.

Another said it spoke of “civility and progress”, while one Twitter user remarked that at least the couple could be sure their car wouldn’t be stolen.

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Freestyle parking is however not only a sport at the Italian seaside. As The Local found out earlier this year, with our How to park like an Italian guide, drivers in Rome often take a somewhat unruly approach to finding the perfect place.

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