Waiter writes ‘faggots’ on gay diners’ receipt

A group of gay men were outraged after a waiter at a pizzeria in Taranto, Puglia, handed them a bill with a homophobic slur printed on it.

Waiter writes 'faggots' on gay diners' receipt
The receipt with the words "I warn you they're faggots" printed on it. Photo: Brindisi Oggi

The four men had spent an evening at the restaurant in the Cazzizzi a Maruggio district. After asking for the bill, they were handed one with “I warn you they're faggots (ricchioni)” printed on it, reported. 

The insult, which could have been meant as a warning to others about the group, was inserted in between the pizzas and drinks on the itemized bill, which came to €52.50, according to a photo published on the news site.

“Initially, we didn’t want to believe our eyes,” one of the men told the news site, adding that they would “never return to the restaurant again” despite the waiter being sacked.

“We immediately went to the owner of the restaurant and asked for an explanation. He was also speechless and apologized on behalf of the waiter. The next day he called to apologize again and say the waiter had been dismissed.”

This is not the first time a receipt has been used to attack gay people in Italy.

In 2007, a group of men were handed a bill with “for faggots” printed on it at a Rinascente department store in Milan.

Meanwhile, in April this year, a man visited an Apple store in Portland, US, to buy a pair of earphones and was handed a receipt with the words [email protected] printed where his email address should have been.

In 2013, a transgender woman was handed a receipt with “Gay b*****S” printed on it after visiting a bar in Washington DC with friends.

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