Pizzeria robbery ‘miracle’ as gun jams

A pizzeria owner in southern Italy has told The Local of the moment robbers burst into his restaurant and fired at the cashier, only for the gun to jam. The case has been described as a "miracle" by police.

The cashier’s incredible escape from death was captured by a security camera at the Takeaway Pizzeria in Ruvo di Puglia, south-east Italy.

In what police described on Tuesday as a “chilling scene”, video footage shows two men approach the till and one pull a gun on the cashier.

“Only by a miracle the pistol jammed,” police said, and despite the robber’s repeated attempts no bullets were fired.

Police hailed the “courageous reaction” of the pizza chef and an attendant, who attacked the thieves and smashed a plate over one of their heads.

Recounting the dramatic night, pizzeria owner Maurizio Pelligrini said “the police arrived after everything had happened!”

Thanks to his staff the robbers got away with just €50, Pelligrini told The Local. He added that the thieves were not known in the area and had come from outside Ruvo di Puglia.

In a statement police said that within hours after the robbery the 36-year-old gunman and his accomplice, 37, had been arrested. The pair hail from Telizza, a town around 5km away from the pizzeria.

Between them they face a number of charges including attempted murder, robbery and carrying an illegal weapon.

Watch the video: 

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