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Rome parking meter sells tickets for ‘sun motion’

Rome parking meter sells tickets for 'sun motion'
Is Google Translate to blame? Photo: Wanted in Rome
English-speakers in Rome have spotted the latest linguistic error made by the city's authorities, offering tickets to motorists for "sun motion".

It's likely that the dubious translation on this parking meter sign would cause its author mild embarrassment had they realized their mistake.

The unassuming sign declares that parking is reserved only for motorbikes: “biglietti per sole moto”, translated into English as “tickets for sun motion”.

The sign is seemingly the outcome of muddling the double meaning of the word “sole” meaning both “only” and “sun”, and the word “moto” meaning both “motorbike” and motion”. The result is a total change of meaning that would be sure to perplex any bypassing tourist.

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By Maya Acharya

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