Breaking Balsamic: See US writer’s potent parody

An American travel blogger has made a film parody of the hit TV series Breaking Bad based on his experiences of making balsamic vinegar in the northern Emilia-Romagna region. Watch the video here.

Breaking Balsamic: See US writer's potent parody
Photo: Turner Barr

Turner Barr, who writes the blog ‘Around the World in 80 Jobs’, has set himself a challenge of trying out 80 jobs while travelling around the world.

In the latest stage of his adventure Barr went to Modena, Italy, where a family taught him how to make traditional balsamic vinegar.

After the first day on the vinegar farm Barr was inspired to create a parody of Breaking Bad, the hit American drama about a chemistry teacher who decides to produce drugs to fund his cancer treatment and provide for his family.

But while in the original series protagonists Walter White and his protege Jesse Pinkman dedicate themselves to producing pure crystal meth, Barr instead chronicles the making of balsamic vinegar at its best.   

“Their [the family’s] devotion to the purity of traditional balsamic and the stark contrast between traditional balsamic that comes from the Emilia-Romagna region and the regular, over-the-counter street shit, reminded me of one of my favourite TV shows: Breaking Bad,” writes Barr on his blog. 

To cap it all, the father of the family was even a chemistry teacher, just like Walter White. Judge for yourself and watch the video clip below.

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Italian TV show investigated after outrage over ‘sexy shopping’ tutorial

Italian state broadcaster Rai has opened an investigation into why one of its shows on Tuesday offered female viewers advice on how to look sexy while shopping in the supermarket.

Italian TV show investigated after outrage over 'sexy shopping' tutorial
A show on Italian public television advised women on how to be seductive at the supermarket. Screenshot: Detto Fatto, Rai 2.
Viewers took to social media to express their anger and disbelief after the “Detto Fatto” show on Rai offered a tutorial on pushing a supermarket trolley while wearing high heels, instructed women on the most “sensual” way to pick up items dropped on the floor, and offered tips on seducing fellow shoppers.
“Is it 1970? No, 2020, almost 2021,” said one Twitter user.

Many pointed out the poor timing of the episode, aired just before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th.

“If this is what public television thinks it should teach women, we are troubled as a society,” wrote another Italian Twitter user.
“As a woman I would not have participated in this farce. As a TV viewer I have mixed feelings: disgust for the show, shame for the broadcaster, anger because I pay the license fee,” commented another.
Many social media users from outside Italy questioned whether  the clip was real, or a parody.
The public broadcaster announced it would be investigating how and why the segment was allowed to be aired, after government ministers asked for an explanation from the channel’s management.
“How long must we continue talking about women in a fake, stereotypical way, with stiletto heels, sexy movements, always perfect, mermaids or witches?” asked Italy's agricultural minister Teresa Bellanova on Twitter.

“Obviously I’ve begun an investigation to ascertain responsibility and we are evaluating the future of this programme,” Rai’s CEO Fabrizio Salini said in a statement to the media on Wednesday
He said the segment had “nothing to do with the spirit of the public service and with the editorial line of Rai.”