Parishioners jailed for robbing church wine

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The women stole wine from a church in Lanciano, Abruzzo. Photo: Olivier Jules/Wikimedia Commons
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Two women have been jailed for stealing bottles of wine from their local church, according to Italian media reports.

The parishioners were on Tuesday convicted for stealing from the church in Lanciano, a town in the Abruzzo region, back in 2012.

The poverty-stricken women had often gone to their local priest to ask for charity, before breaking into the church and robbing three bottles of wine. They were caught on CCTV.

They were slapped with a €5,000 fine and given prison sentences of 12 and eight months, Ansa reported.

The case comes months after thieves robbed another Abruzzo church, stealing a relic stained with Pope John Paul II's blood. On their arrest the three alleged thieves said they had thrown the cloth away, unaware of its value.

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