Google honours Italy… with Hungary’s flag

A Google Doodle paying tribute to Italy’s Republic Day became the laughing stock of internet surfers on Tuesday when the search engine apparently confused the Italian flag with the Hungarian one.

Google honours Italy... with Hungary's flag
The Google doodle was mistaken for the Hungarian flag by many internet surfers. Screengrab: Google homepage

Italy celebrated Republic Day in style on Tuesday, with aeronautics displays, speeches and memorials, remembering the day the country voted to abolish the monarchy in favour of a Republic in 1946.

Even Google joined in, with a special logo painted in green, white and red, the colours of the Italian flag.

Unfortunately, the designers of the logo failed to take into account one thing: while the plain vertical green, white and red stripes are unique to Italy, the same colours painted horizontally don’t have the same significance.

In fact, the flag in the Google doodle bore more of a resemblance to the Hungarian flag.

Italian Twitter users were quick to point out the mistake.

Italy-based Hungarian travel agency Viaggi Ungheria described the gaffe as an “epic fail”. 

“But is it celebrating Italy or Hungary??? You’ve got your flags wrong graphic designers!” tweeted @MartaGervasutti.

But others saw the funny side. 

“Why can’t Google search itself for the Italian flag?” tweeted @massimo_esposti.


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