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What you need to know about Italy's new smoking laws
New smoking laws came into effect in Italy on Tuesday. Photo: Chuck Grimmet/Flicker

What you need to know about Italy's new smoking laws

The Local · 2 Feb 2016, 12:23

Published: 02 Feb 2016 12:22 GMT+01:00
Updated: 02 Feb 2016 12:23 GMT+01:00

There are some 10.3 million smokers in Italy, or around 19 percent of the population. The new laws aim to reduce this number and prevent some of the 83 thousand deaths smoking causes in Italy each year.

This is how things will change:

Bin the butt

This is the big one. If you like to flick your fag-ends on the floor you might want to stop. Not only will respectful citizens thank you, you might just save yourself a hefty fine of €300.

Read more: Italy launches €300 fines for tossing cigarettes

This 'green' law doesn't just apply to smokers, but also litter louts who toss gum and receipts onto the pavement. You have been warned...

Car ban

Photo: Julien/Flickr

If you like to light-up while driving, you will now need to think twice. Anybody found smoking in a car – parked or moving – with children or pregnant women inside risks being fined up to €650.

Hospital ban

Say goodbye to that sneaky smoke in the hospital courtyard or outside the foyer. Those caught smoking in open areas in or around any Italian hospital could be fined a maximum of €500.

More photos and writing on your cigarette packet

At the moment, pictures of blackened lungs and warning signs reminding you that Il fumo uccide - smoking kills - cover less than half of each packet's surface area.

From now on, they will need to cover at least 65 percent of each pack. However, you might not see this change straight away as companies have been given until May to bring their packaging in line with new laws.

No more packs of 10 cigarettes

In a bid to stop lighter or social smokers developing a serious habit, packs of ten will become a thing of the past, as will all pouches of tobacco of less than 30 grams.

Licence ban for who sells to kids

Sellers beware. New laws state that shops caught selling cigarettes to minors risk penalties of up to €8,000 and will have their licence revoked.

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That old 'I'm buying them for my mum' excuse will no longer cut muster for Italian schoolkids.

E-cigarette advert stop

Photo: Ecigclick/Flickr

Cigarette advertising has been banned for years but advertising potentially dangerous e-cigarettes is still seen as OK.

Now, to try and stop children from 'vaping', advertisements for electronic cigarettes will be banned on Italian television between 4pm and 7pm.  

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