Italy earthquake

In pics: Makeshift shelters house Italy’s quake survivors

In pics: Makeshift shelters house Italy's quake survivors
An earthquake victim beds down at a makeshift shelter in Amatrice. Photo: Marco Zepatella/AFP
An estimated 2,500 people have lost their homes following the 6.0 magnitude earthquake which hit central Italy on Wednesday.

As rescue workers continue to search the rubble of affected towns in the hope of finding survivors, many of the homeless have moved into makeshift camps, which have been set up across the affected area.

Volunteers erect tents at a temporary camp for displaced residents of Amatrice. Photo: Mario Laporta/AFP

A tent encampment in the central Italian village of Arquarta del Tronto. Photo: Marco Zepatella/AFP

Homeless survivors camp out at a children’s playground in Amatrice. Photo: Marco Zepatella/AFP

Anything will do: a wooden structure gives a night’s shelter to a refugee. Photo: Marco Zepatella/AFP

Team effort: volunteers prepare dinner for the homeless at a refugee camp in Illica. Photo: Mario Laporta/AFP

With infrastructure badly damaged, bottles of water are being distributed to those in need. Photo: Marco Zepatella/AFP

Beds are crammed inside many of the makeshift structures, like this one in Pescara del Tronto. Marco Zepatella/AFP