Italian election results: How the world’s press reacted

Italian election results: How the world's press reacted
A ballot is put into the box on Sunday. Photo: Tiziana Fabi/AFP
Italy's governing centre-left Democratic Party has seen disappointing losses in the election result, while the populist League and Five Star Movement have had remarkable gains. Here's how the world's press reacted to the vote.

The centre-left-leaning Repubblica daily: “The Italy of the Five Star Movement and the League. Democratic Party knocked out, bye to Renzi.”

Conservative daily Il Tempo was more succinct: “What a mess”

“Di Maio wins, Italy ungovernable,” La Stampa's front page declared.

Il Fatto Quotidiano, which describes itself as anti-establishment: “M5S triumph, PD disaster, centre-right at 37 percent.”

The New York Times, which wrote: “The results were not just a disconcerting measure of Italy’s mood but also a harbinger of the troubles that may yet lay ahead for Europe.”


Le Monde, France: “No majority emerges, anti-European parties do very well.”

Two election headlines in Germany's Die Welt: 'As the election victory is established, Italy's new political star disappears'. The daily wrote that Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio seemed “overwhelmed by the sudden success”, refusing to give statements to press as his party celebrated victory.

The other headline describes “Italy's unsettling flirt with anarchy”.

“Italy set for substantial political chaos,” read the headline of a column in Sweden's Aftonbladet. The subheading: “The Italian election was just as chaotic as many feared.”