Italian word of the day: ‘Sussurrare’

Italian word of the day: 'Sussurrare'
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Whisper it, but this could be one of the most beautiful words in the Italian language.

Italians are not exactly known for keeping their voices down.

But when they do, you might like to know that the Italian verb meaning ‘to whisper’ or ‘to murmur’ is the delightfully onomatopoeic sussurrare.

– Sussurralo

– Whisper it

It can also be used to talk about rumours and furtive gossip.

– si sussurra che..

– it’s rumoured that…

– gli sussurrò qualcosa all’orecchio

– he whispered something in his ear

Sussurro is the noun meaning “a whisper”

-Non più di un sussurro

– No more than a whisper

Otherwise, you can use the equally onomatopoeic verb bisbigliare (try repeating it out loud quickly).

– È sgarbato bisbigliare davanti a noi.

– t’s rude to whisper in front of us.

– Non serve bisbigliare

– There’s no need to whisper

With words this beautiful (and which are also fun to say) it’s worth finding ways to use them as often as possible in Italian – no matter how loud your family is.

Here are some more of our favourite words in Italian.

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  1. I love the “word of the day”. It is so fun to be able to use these words correctly and to keep a full phrase in your head to be used at the right moment. You might consider putting them in altogether in an ebook.

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