IN PICTURES: Find the hidden surprises in Milan’s urban landscape

See a different side to Milan with this photo series capturing the city from unexpected perspectives.

IN PICTURES: Find the hidden surprises in Milan's urban landscape
Take another look at Milan. Photo: Nikola Olic

Serbian photographer Nikola Olic specializes in urban landscapes, choosing unusual frames and angles to show a different side to buildings most people walk straight past.

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He recently visited Milan, the hub of modern architecture in Italy and a city often dismissed as less beautiful or picturesque than other Italian towns where historic buildings dominate.

While most visitors stick to snapping Milan's famous Duomo, Olic told The Local he was struck by the city's “smart use of available space, thoughtful considerations for both old and new architecture and accessibility of modern architecture to citizens of Milan”, where structures centuries apart share the same public space.

He encourages other keen photographers to make the most of the city's contrasts.

“Move around and take advantage of the size, shape and layout of this beautiful, dynamic and dramatic city. Climb a hill, cross the highway, walk around the building, find your space,” he advises.

And even when photographing Milan's most famous sights, don't stick to the obvious shots, he says.

“Observe other people and what they are photographing, think about the shot they are trying to get, and explore what else you could do in addition to their efforts – where can you stand and what can you think about while taking a photographs in Milan?

“Get to beautiful sites quickly, but then take your time there and enjoy the moment a photograph appears.”

Olic's advice applies just as well to other Italy's much-snapped sights.

“I would love to visit all of Italy and take a look at it through my camera – and I plan on doing so,” he says.

All photos are published courtesy of Nikola Olic. See more of his work on his website,

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