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Italian word of the day: 'Tranquillo'

Jessica Phelan
Jessica Phelan - [email protected]
Italian word of the day: 'Tranquillo'
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Relax and enjoy this much used word.


We could all do with being a bit more tranquillo.

The word means what it sounds like in English: 'tranquil', calm and peaceful, just like water undisturbed by waves or a place sheltered from sounds.

Il lago, dopo la tempesta, è tornato tranquillo.
After the storm, the lake was calm once more.

Cercava un angolo tranquillo in cui leggere il giornale.
She was looking for a quiet corner to read the paper.

People can be 'tranquil' too, of course, if they're the kind of folks who aren't easily bothered.

È gente tranquilla, che va d’accordo con tutti.
They're easy-going people who get along with everyone.

Here's where tranquillo starts to get slightly broader than the way we usually use the English version: it means something like 'untroubled', 'free of worries or doubts'.

Sull’esito dell’esame siamo tranquilli.
We're not worried about the exam result.

Ho la coscienza tranquilla.
I have a clear (or: untroubled) conscience.

By extension, it can also describe something that's unlikely to cause anyone any worries – for instance, an undemanding job.

Per me importante avere un lavoro tranquillo che mi offre la possibilità di avere tempo libero.
For me it's important to have an easy job that gives me the chance to have free time.

And if you'd like to reassure someone that there's no need for them to fret either, you can tell them to 'be' or 'go' tranquillo. In fact, even just saying the word on its own has the same effect: 'chill out', 'don't worry'. 

Stai tranquillo, ci sono qui io.
Don't worry, I’m here.

– Scusa il disturbo.
– Vai tranquillo, non ti preoccupare.

– Sorry to bother you.
– Don't worry about it, go ahead.

Tranquillo, andrà tutto bene.
Don't worry, everything will be fine.

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