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Have you had problems getting the Covid-19 vaccine in Italy?

The Local Italy
The Local Italy - [email protected] • 21 Apr, 2021 Updated Wed 21 Apr 2021 13:06 CEST
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A Civil Protection volunteer is pictured at a new vaccination hub in Lingotto Fiere Torino Pavilion in Turin, on April 14, 2021. (Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO / AFP)

More people are becoming eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine in Italy, but many international residents are discovering that they’re not actually able to sign up. We want to hear from you if you have had problems.




The Local Italy 2021/04/21 13:06

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qipa3imsza 2021/04/21 18:01
I feel you are morally right, and you SHOULD receive care here, but as you know, Italy is a famously disorganised place. The health authorities have been hammered by Covid, and the priority for the scarce doses of vaccine we have been provided to date are going to the nationally determined vulnerability categories. They know that you are in those categories if you are registered. They will not accept documents issued by other authorities in lieu. They really cannot. To address your problem, the efforts should be to get you into the system, somehow, if you would normally be entitled to a shot through membership of the current categories being addressed now. Check with your embassy, perhaps, there may be a way to get you in, if you have the long stay visa you seem to have. Otherwise, you'll have to wait till open registration. That is still a few weeks away, but it IS coming.
m.frances 2021/04/21 16:33
Returning to one's place of residence may not be practical or safe for some of us - if it involves a long haul flight, there is substantial risk of contracting COVID in-transit. I am an Australian/ New Zealand dual citizen, moving between Italy (6 months) and Croatia (3 months) since February 2020. I have a codice fiscale but am not eligible to register with the health system. Australia and Italy have a reciprocal health arrangement under which I am, theoretically, entitled to receive emergency health care. If ever there was an emergency, I believe that COVID is it!
qipa3imsza 2021/04/21 14:49
Italy will of course vaccinate everyone eventually. it lies at the heart of who we are. The question is when... not if. Fundamentally, if you are resident in Italy you should be in the health system, and you will be called up or able to make an appointment based on your circumstances and where you sit in the categorisation. if not, you will have to wait for open enrolment. Those who do not want to register or are not residents, should go to wherever they ARE resident to get priority, or wait for open enrolment. Showing up at vaccination centers without appointments or in the hope of circumventing the process will be out of luck, as long as there are legitimate Italian people in at risk categories or in the relevant age groups that haven't received theirs yet.

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