Northern Italy rocked by “very strong” earthquake

Macroseismic intensity map for an earthquake near Milan
This map shows the intensity and epicentre of today's quake near Bergamo, in Italy's Lombardy region. Photo: INGV
A 4-4-magnitude earthquake was recorded 39 kilometres northeast of Milan on Saturday morning, according to Rome's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).

The earthquake was felt throughout the entire region of Lombardy at 11.34am on Saturday with its epicentre in the small town of Bonate Sotto, near the city of Bergamo.

The shock lasted a few seconds and was followed by a second, less intense quake at 11.57am.

The second quake had a magnitude of 2.2. Its epicentre was in Osio Sotto, around 10 kilometres from that of the first one.

Local media reported that some people took to the streets in panic in nearby Milan, Italy’s second-largest city.

Data scientist Alessandro Saccoia said on Twitter that it could be felt very strongly in Milan, reporting that “the building shook”.

Journalist Marta Ottaviani said she hadn’t felt such a strong quake as Saturday’s in Italy even in nearly nine years in Istanbul.

Media reported that neither of the quakes were thought to have caused any damage or injuries.

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