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Karoline Steckley moved to the northeastern city of Trieste 10 years ago, and says it makes a pleasant change from the more popular Florence and Milan. She speaks to The Local about embracing the local dialect and setting up business, as well as the Slovenian influence on the city.
Taxation and bureaucracy are the veritable banes of doing business in Italy. But the looming UK referendum on the EU is also worrying foreign entrepreneurs. Emma Cuthbertson speaks to six businesswomen to get more insight into the challenges faced.
From an architect and dentist to a hotel owner and wedding planner, we chat to eight entrepreneurial women about the challenges, and joy, of running your own business in Italy.
When Englishman Jonathan Moody, 29, moved to Rome in September 2013 he had no clear plan. Three years later he is still in Rome – working for the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
Expats don't just move to Italy to grow olives or make wine. Some, like 46-year-old Matthew Peirce from the English town of Reading, have come to study the blood-feeding insects that blight our summers: mosquitoes.
Linda Martinez and Steve Brenner, an American couple, own The Beehive, a hostel and café in the heart of Rome. They talk to The Local about running a business here.
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