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Reader question: Do I need to update my Italian green pass after a booster shot?

Had your Covid-19 booster jab and wondering what to do next? Here's what you need to know about updating your Italian 'green pass'.

A customer shows her green pass on a mobile phone in a central Rome bar on August 6, 2021.
A customer shows her green pass on a mobile phone in a central Rome bar on August 6, 2021. Andreas SOLARO / AFP

People in Italy have been rushing to get their booster shots after the government on February 1st slashed the validity of its ‘super’ green pass health certificate to six months for those who have had only two doses – and announced that passes updated after a booster shot will remain valid indefinitely.

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But do you need to take action to receive your updated your pass once you’ve had the booster?

The answer is yes – but you don’t have to do much.

When you get your booster in Italy your personal data should be uploaded to the national health ministry database, which will then release an updated ‘super’ green pass automatically. 

You’ll need this new version because your green pass’s QR code is linked to a specific vaccination event. Even if you’ve had the booster shot, your previous QR code doesn’t contain that information, so you need an updated one that does. 

“If you have had a booster dose of vaccine, remember that a new Covid-19 green certification will be issued,” the health ministry’s official green pass website says. “You will receive a message via SMS or email with a new AUTHCODE code to download it.”

The process for downloading the certificate should be the same as the one by which you obtained your initial green pass, which can be any of the following:

  • Directly on the government’s digital green pass website, provided you have either a CIE (Electronic ID Card), SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale or ‘Public Digital Identity System’) ID, or an Italian health card (tessera sanitaria).
  • By entering your authorisation code into the Immuni or IO app installed on your phone; 
  • By accessing your region’s Electronic Health Record (Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico), in regions that provide this service;
  • By going to a medical professional such as a doctor or pharmacist and providing them with your tax code (codice fiscale) and health card number – they will then be able to give you your green pass either in digital or print format.

What if I have trouble accessing my new green pass?

The Italian health ministry’s official green pass website says that if you do not receive your new AUTHCODE automatically “within 48 hours of vaccination you can try to retrieve it yourself on this site.”

For foreign residents who are not registered with the national health service, the process is likely to be a little more complicated.

The Italian government’s digital green pass website instructs foreign nationals in Italy who don’t have an Italian health card or who were vaccinated abroad to register their vaccine with their local health office or Asl (Azienda Sanitaria Locale).

To do this, you’ll need to email your Asl with proof of your most recent vaccination, a copy of your ID, and any other details requested by the office. You can then request an authorisation code that can be used to download the green pass via any of the methods listed above.

For those who aren’t registered with the Italian health system but were vaccinated in Italy, you should be able to download your pass directly from the digital green pass website by inputting whichever ID number the vaccination centre accepted from you (such as your tax code) and the date on which you were vaccinated.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll likely need to make a phone call to your regional health authority or speak to your doctor or pharmacist to see how they can help you access your updated pass.

Find more information about Covid-19 vaccinations in Italy and the green pass system on the Italian health ministry’s website (available in English) and the official green pass website.

Member comments

  1. My IO app was updated automatically a couple of days after the booster. I don’t have a tessera. Just make sure the computer operator at the vaccine centre has your code from the first vaccines (and has updated the national system before you leave, or you get something in writing with a code), especially if it is from another region.

  2. They sent me a link by email shortly after the booster shot and I was able to download the updated Green Pass without any problem. My old pass continued to work fine while waiting for the update. Overall, the vaccinations and passes have been a flawless and easy process for me.

  3. I have my two previous vaccine jabs in the Netherlands but live now in Italy and need to get my booster shot here.
    Do they register the booster shot now on a new Italian QR app?

    1. I was boosted (2 first vaxxes elsewhere) in December here. I’m a dual citizen registered in AIRE. It wasn’t easy, took almost a full week of dedication and traveling to another province to accomplish it. The Lazio ASL site simply doesn’t work, altho it has the sections that would have been applicable for my booking the vax. I now have all of my jabs recorded in Italy and do have my Super Green Pass. If I can DM you any advice or suggestions would be happy to do so. I spent hours looking online for the kind of info that I now have after accomplishing the above.

    2. (new here and see there is no DM function so providing some more info — ) I tried to do my booster in Lazio/ASL. Hopeless, even visited an office/bureaucrat in person. Took a try at booking a booster appointment on the Toscana site and it worked on the first try. The entire process was way more involved and, I imagine, will depend on where you are located. If in the Rome area, I doubt that they have it sorted out now, either. Doctors and pharmacists were also zero help. If you have a codice fiscale, you will be able to book a vax appointment.

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Italy allows suspended anti-vax doctors to return to work

Italian heathcare staff suspended over their refusal to be vaccinated against Covid-19 can now return to work, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni confirmed on Monday.

Italy allows suspended anti-vax doctors to return to work

Italy become the first country in Europe to make it obligatory for healthcare workers to be vaccinated, ruling in 2021 that they must have the jab or be transferred to other roles or suspended without pay.

That obligation had been set to expire in December, but was brought forward to Tuesday due to “a shortage of medical and health personnel”, Health Minister Orazio Schillaci said.

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Those who refuse vaccination will be “reintegrated” into the workforce before the rule expires at the end of this year, as part of what the minister called a “gradual return to normality”.

Meloni said the move, which has been criticised by the centre-left as a win for anti-vax campaigners, would mean some 4,000 healthcare workers can return to work.

This includes some 1,579 doctors and dentists refusing vaccination, according to records at the end of October, representing 0.3 percent of all those registered with Italy’s National Federation of the Orders of Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists (Fnomceo) 

Meloni’s post-fascist Brothers of Italy party railed against the way Mario Draghi’s government handled the pandemic, when it was the main opposition party, and she promised to use her first cabinet meetings to mark a clear break in policies with her predecessor.