Six questions (and answers) after the Italian referendum

Why is the referendum so important, what's next for Italy and what does this mean for Europe?



What is Italy's Five Star Movement?

The Five Star Movement - Italy's anti-establishment movement and the most popular opposition party in the country according to polls - have grabbed plenty of headlines. But what do you need to know about them? James Newall, a politics professor at the UK'

Becoming an expat: where to start

Making the decision to move abroad isn’t something to be taken lightly. There’s plenty of boxes to be ticked, forms to be filled out, and general planning to be done. But where do you actually start?


Italian wins Bad Sex in Fiction Award for 'dancing genitals'

Italian is often described as a 'sexy' language, but one of the country's most famous writers has proved that doesn't need to be the case.


Rome bans gladiators and rickshaws (again)

The ban is in place to protect public order and the city's cultural heritage, Rome authorities said.

Five easy Italian words with an interesting history

Where does Italy get its name from? Why do we call our bosses 'Lei'? Here's the weird history between five words all Italian speakers use on a regular basis.

Renzi tries to calm fears of post-referendum economic meltdown

Fears have mounted that a No vote, followed by Renzi resigning, could trigger financial crisis.



Geneva airport workers ‘ready to strike’

Workers at Geneva airport could go on strike with only two hours advance warning after negotiations over pay with airport operator Swissport broke down.