Which areas of Italy have the highest risk of earthquakes?

Italy is particularly prone to earthquakes, like the one which struck on Wednesday night. But where is the risk greatest?


Retiring abroad: ensuring your health is covered

Retiring in another country is a common dream amongst those who long for a quieter place to live, a warmer climate, or simply a new, fresh place to spend a peaceful time after many years of hard work.


Expats or immigrants in Italy: What's the difference?

Expats or immigrants in Italy: What's the difference?


Last chance to vote absentee in the US elections

Election Day in the U.S. is less than a month away, and time is running out for Americans living overseas to vote absentee. Here's what to do before it’s too late.


Americans abroad: get off the fence, stop Trump

If you're an American in Europe, don't let high-minded queasiness stop you using your vote - there's too much at stake, says Laura Shields of Democrats Abroad.


Love, food and music: Why Italian is now the world's fourth most studied language

Why did you learn Italian? Here are the (sometimes surprising) reasons people chose to study the language, from the emotional to the practical.


Italy's oldest theme park about to reopen after eight years

The amusement park in Rome has had a child-friendly makeover and is set to open on October 27th.

Essential Italy

Five easy Italian words with an interesting history

Where does Italy get its name from? Why do we call our bosses 'Lei'? Here's the weird history between five words all Italian speakers use on a regular basis.


Volatile trading in Italy's troubled BMPS bank

Trading in ailing Italian bank Monte Paschi di Siena (BMPS) was repeatedly suspended on Wednesday amid highly volatile trading in Milan.


Did Norwegian police eavesdrop on nation’s PM?

The former mayor of Bergen had her telephone bugged by police while she was under investigation for corruption and Prime Minister Erna Solberg said she can’t rule out that she may have been on the other end of the line.



Italian Food

A quarter of Rome's restaurants risk closure over poor hygiene, police warn

Problems ranged from rodent feces in the food and roaches in the tills, to keeping cleaning products in close proximity to food.